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Nantong Million Casket Co.,Ltd. is a leading wood casket manufacturer in China. We have produced the wood caskets for more than 10 years.

Our products are famous in China for the high quality and delivery on time.

Our product lines cover from American style wood caskets to European style coffins. There are more than dozens of highly popular style options, including all kinds of solid wood, veneer and so on. Top level craftsmanship and quality standards applied by Nantong Million undoubtedly make our products first choice in the funeral industry.

We provide OEM Service and Buyer Label.



Senior leadership in the management of the company has extensive experience, particularly in the field of management for several decades of time. Under the wise leadershipof the general manager in the company , the company's staff are united as one, based on their own work for the company's development and make due contributions. The company's business is booming!

Management Team

Name/Title: Brian yang / general manager
Introduction: General manager of the company ,BRIAN YANG is responsible for the production of the wooden coffin/casket , examination. He engaged in this line for more than ten years time, accumulated rich experience. Affinity treat is the  main features of his, so won the trust of foreign customers, the company's total annual export growth to varying degrees. Now he is also constantly innovate to meet the needs of more customers.


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